freshspotify is a new site designed to help you keep tabs on the latest music made available on the wonderful spotify music service. spotify allows you to listen for free, legally, to a massive selection of music from all the major music labels and thousands of indie labels and the busy people at spotify are constantly updating their music library with thousands of new and back-catalogue releases.

i really wanted a way to keep on top of the music spotify is adding, particularly music by the artists i love, and that led me to build freshspotify. freshspotify provides you with “artist alert” emails, which let you know when spotify have added tracks by your favourite bands. you tell freshspotify your favourite bands through the alerts section of the site – you can add artists one at a time, or you can import your top artists from to get going really quickly.

just today spotify added over 3000 new tracks including some great franz ferdinand singles and elliot smith albums. as i had my artist alerts all setup, i received an artist alert email with some great new music to listen to.

freshspotify artist alerts

the site is a little rough around the edges right now, so please bear with me and let me know if you come across bugs.  lots of new features are in development including artist-based RSS feeds and search. this blog and @freshspotify on twitter will be the first place to hear about new additions.

i hope you have fun using freshspotify and discover some great new, and old, music!


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  1. Afront said

    Hi, great site! I wrote a wee mini-review on my blog:

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