spotify library update

spotify have added another 2,200 releases to their library today. although this is a fairly small update by spotify’s recent standards 50% of freshspotify‘s users had music in this update by their favourite artists and received artist alert emails!

you can browse the update on freshspotify, and as always spotinews has some great picks from the update.



  1. Andreas said

    Your service is really cool!

    Could you do just the same to alert us about new releases of our popular artists too?

    New releases on the artist pages are marked with the tag in the sourcecode of the page.

    Would be a great addition to your amazing service!!!

    • freshspotify said

      Thanks very much Andreas. Interesting idea – I have a few spotify related features I’m planning to build-in next, but I’ll certainly take a look at how I might track releases after those.

  2. Andreas said

    Here is the tag for new releases:


  3. Oskar said

    Great update by spotify and awsome service by freshspotify!

  4. Anders said

    Thanks for your service. I think it’s great.
    Just for the fun of it, i put together a yahoo pipe which basically does some of what your service is capable of. Such as rss subscriptions on artist/album updates. It’s a bit slow though 🙂

    Have a look:

    • freshspotify said

      Thanks. Awesome Yahoo Pipes skills – nice work 🙂

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