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new feature: atom feeds

i’ve added a new feature and a few performance and usability improvements to freshspotify today.

freshspotify now provides atom feeds for each artist listing their latest additions to the spotify library. you can subscribe to these feeds in your favourite rss feed reader (such as google reader or NetNewsWire). the artist feeds do not require you to sign-in and so are a good alternative to email artist alerts for people who prefer not to create an account on freshspotify. you can subscribe to artist feeds using the ‘RSS’ button in your browser when on an artist page, such as this page for Franz Ferdinand, or using the ‘subscribe to new releases…’ link at the bottom of artist pages. i’ve also added an atom feed listing the latest spotify library updates which you can find via your browser’s ‘RSS’ button on the homepage or /music/.

another small but hopefully useful addition are some additional links on artist pages to allow you to add an artist alert for that artist and to search within the spotify client for all releases by them. performance has been improved on various pages with more improvements coming soon.

it’s been a great first week for freshspotify with a 13,000 release update from spotify loaded, users starting to sign-up, new features and a nice write-up by Afront. i’m looking forward to adding some new features and welcoming more new users in week two. 🙂


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